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ORAM Corporate Advisors helps power small to medium-sized businesses
through outsourced support services for their IT needs.

Founded in 2005, ORAM has helped hundreds of businesses of all types and sizes manage their networks by planning, implementing, and maintaining their enterprise IT infrastructure. With scheduled onsite hours or on-call support as needed, ORAM can build, monitor and manage your entire information technology infrastructure, helping you to assess its health and performance, as well as aid in long-term growth and scalability by ensuring your IT and business objectives are perfectly aligned.

With over 30 years of combined IT support expertise, ORAM Corporate Advisors has just the strategic outsourcing solution you need to power your business.

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Just Getting Started?

Whether you're just starting to build your IT infrastructure or have in place a healthy, reliable solution, we encourage you to visit our Small Business IT Learning Center for the latest news, best practices, and expert IT advice on managing your networked environment.

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